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Our Bespoke Support
Investing in invaluable support to improve your private practice!

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Efficiency / Process Practice Health Check

Does your practice need an overhaul in how it operates? Do you find every task is long winded and time consuming? Are your PA's spending so much time answering your patient calls, that they are not finding the time to complete other tasks?

You most likely need a serious evaluation on how efficiently your practice is running! The goal for any private practice should be to utilise automation and to create seamless processes and create a more cost effective business. As well as modernising the patient journey


Private Practice VA can offer a full practice health check for you, produce a report of our recommendations and assist in making all of these changes for you.


Get in touch today to invest in your practice and get it running as smoothly as possible. 

Experienced / Team Support

If you are already working with a fantastic PA, but you find that you need some experienced advice or support when it comes to your practice, then we can help you with this! This doesn't have to be limited to supporting you as the consultant, but it can extend to supporting your PA or team of PA's as well.

We can provide training to your PA's, advise on the best clinics to go to for your target audience/ logistical convenience (and help set these up), advise on marketing strategies and put you in touch with people in the industry to evolve your marketing portfolio. The options are limitless - but we can support you in the background as much as you need! 


New to Private Practice Support

Starting out in private practice as a new consultant can be very daunting:

- What practice software do you use? 

- How do you reach your target audience?

- What are the best processes to utilise to promote good cash flow and avoid bad debt?

- How do I register with insurance companies?

- What fee's should you be charging?

- What clinic / hospital locations should you be choosing and how do you set this up?

- What do I include in my appointment letter to make sure I am compliant?

There is so much to think about!

We can hold your hand through this process so that you can start your private practice with the best possible foundation and begin your journey feeling confident and supported.


Dr Derrick Phillips - Consultant Dermatologist

I enlisted the help of Chantelle and private practice VA to help streamline my practice. She carried out an extremely thorough health check, and made recommendations to improve the efficiency of my practice. As a direct result of the automated workflows implemented by Chantelle, my PAs were able to dedicate more time to providing a personalised and professional service to my patients.


Chantelle is a joy to work with. She is truly an expert with Carebit, and has a wealth of experience with billing and other facets of practice management. She is a trusted friend of my practice, and is highly recommended.

We would love to hear from you on how we can support you with your practice needs...

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